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Edea Piano

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Edea Piano boot

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€ 579,00


Support: 95 Extra Strong Performance: Triple/Quad jumps

Figure skaters are always looking to push the boundaries; they want the latest technology to help them. Our highly skilled technicians got feedback on what skaters wanted from boots, combined it with the latest research to create our revolutionary new boot – the Piano.


Our boots are designed with lightness in mind making them more responsive. The lightness helps skaters with their touch and feel on the ice giving them the confidence to perform.


Minimizes impact shocks

Absorbs ice chatter

Improves ice speed and stability.


The new design combines modern materials and expert craftsmanship allowing a greater transfer of power which gives improved thrust and control.


The Piano’s ergonomic design is fitted to the curve of the foot giving the skater more feel and better control.

Piano has been designed for top level skaters that are looking to increase their skating stability, power and movement and looking to minimize overuse injuries. Piano is a different shoe and will feel different to the skaters. The skaters need to complete the sizing process to fully understand the benefits

The anatomical shape, lightness and greater flexibility of Edea boots means more time can be spent performing and less time breaking in the boots. The memory foam adds to the comfort and also helps to reduce breaking in period.
€ 579,00